Twas the night before Cliffmas, when all through the House
Not a lawmaker stirred, at home with their spouse
Stockings may be hung, but they could be bare
No compromise or deal, to soon be there

Stock brokers restless toss in their beds
While visions of the Recession, fresh in their heads
Close loopholes and a charitable giving cap!
Boehner in tears, nothing new from this sap

Out in the streets, there’s more than a clatter
Soup kitchens full, but Republicans need not matter
Away to their homes, gone in flash
Hopes of a deal lay broken and bashed

The poor and the sick out in the snow
A cold reality, Republicans don’t know
When what to my wondering eyes should appear!
Damnit, nothing, I’m just on my tenth beer

Medicaid cut, taxes raise quick
All because the GOP, doesn’t give a shit
More rapid than eagles, the cuts they came
God damn that Obama, he must be to blame!

Wasn’t there an election just a little while ago?
What is to blame? Who should know?
What it really comes down to
Is Republicans’ ineptness and ego

Forget Dasher and Dancer, Gone is Prancer and Vixen
No Comet or Cupid, Nor Donner and Blitzen
To the bottom of the cliff, we’ve hit the wall
Sorry children, we had to cut them all

The rich, at ease, and couldn’t worry less
They know the GOP, keeps them close to their chest
Job creators protected and guns for all!
Dismayed in disbelief, that a deal has stalled

The people have spoken, with the cast of a vote
The results poured in, and the Republicans choked
Time to compromise, the party of no to take a break
Conciliatory tones of course all a fake

The Christmas season upon us, families gather near

Drink some eggnog, spread some Yuletide cheer

Forget the Mayans, the GOP are the ones to fear

Merry Cliffmas to all, and  Happy New Year









2 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before Cliffmas – A Stubborn Mule Christmas Special

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