The NRA gave its first statement since the Newtown Tragedy. Besides the obvious calls for more guns under the guise of “meaningful contributions,” the most shocking aspect of the entire conference was one heroic protester who stood up in the midst of the lies and propaganda being spewed, and held a sign stating “NRA IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN,” when he was escorted out, he continued to shout facts about the NRA.

Lapierre blamed everyone from the media to society about the “moral failures.” As the news conference continued, another protester, this time a woman arose with a sign, “NRA has blood on their hands.”

He was visibly frustrated.

Apparently, the defense of the 2nd Amendment is more important than the first because both of these protesters were quickly and forcefully escorted out.

As always, the NRA’s response: more guns. Filled with the same old fear mongering speech of the collapse of a civil society without guns, the speech was no different than any other propaganda given out by the NRA.
The finger was pointed at everyone else, besides themselves. No mention of their own “moral failures,” when it comes to lobbying the government for lax regulation.

He asked the media to at least admit it was possible to stop Adam Lanza with an armed guard, my only response would be could he admit it was at least it was possible that without their intense campaign against gun control, we wouldn’t have experienced such a horrifying tragedy.

When video of the protest becomes available, I will post it.


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