Numbers can often illustrate many things, trends, statistics and data but what they can certainly not do is illustrate the beautiful lives that were robbed of this world.  I had to prepare myself to even look at the faces of the children whose lives were ended before they had even began.  Yet, I hope that with this, the number associated is replaced with the realization of the individuals who were lost.

Joesphine Gay

Caroline Previdi

Avielle Richman

Olivia Engel

Daniel Barden

Charlotte Bacon

Emile Parker

Grace McDonnel

Noah Pozner

Jessica Rekos

James Mattoli

Catherine Hubbard

Chase Kowalski

Dylan Hockley

Ana Grace Marquez-Greene

Jesse Lewis

Anne Marie Murphy

Lauren Rosseau

Mary Sherlach, school pyschologist

Principal Dawn Hochsprung

Victoria Soto, the hero teacher that had our children hide in cabinets and closets, and was murdered saving the lives of the children in her class.

There will be no call for political action in this post.  Only my deepest and most sincere condolences to those in Newtown, Connecticut.

Only photos that were readily available from around the internet are present.  If more should present themselves of those who have lost their lives, I will do my best to update this list.




3 thoughts on “Forever in Our Hearts – Memorial To The Souls Lost in Sandy Hook Elementary

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