The phrase that is most illustrative of our American democracy is only 3 words long, and represents the bullshit millions of citizens must endure, “It’s just politics.”

It’s been a month since the American people spoke and decided the course of this country, but its never been within the Republicans’ ability to listen or care. I can almost bring myself to understanding their rejection of any and all legislation put forth by Democrats and the Obama administration after the 2010 midterm elections, because they believed they had a mandate from the people of America; however, how do they bring themselves to continually hold the American people

hostage during this fiscal crisis after being embarrassed in early November?
Is it denial or just pure arrogance? I can’t be sure but I do think it could be a combination of both. Whose interests are House Republicans representing? Certainly not the majority of American people. If the election didn’t speak loud enough a recently released Quinnipiac poll should:

47% percent support raising the tax on capital gains and only 40% do not.

70% oppose cuts to Medicaid spending, while 25% do.

And quite possibly the most telling of all the questions asked:
53% report trusting President Obama and Democrats more than Republicans to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, compared to only 36% who believe the opposite.

And, just another slap in the face to one of the most arrogant and idiotic American lobbyists, Grover Norquist, 85% believe it’s a bad idea to sign a ‘no-tax’ pledge. 77% of Republicans agreed.

So when does “It’s just politics,” become “It’s simply treason.”

Concessions need to be made on both sides, but by refusing to give in doesn’t demonstrate strength, it illustrates weakness. That’s exactly what the GOP is illustrating to the American people, a pure weakness and no desire to do anything of merit. By refusing to compromise, they only solidify what we’ve already said: We don’t trust you.

So let’s call this situation what it is, and it is most definitely not “just politics.” This is just complete and total weakness and the inability to lead by Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues.


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