I want to introduce a new segment to my newly emerging blog.  Weekly if not daily, I see somebody in the political limelight that deserves to be kicked in the head.  This week was a tough pick between Donald Trump having a stroke via twitter and Karl Rove having the equivalent of a temper tantrum on Fox News, of all places, when experts called Ohio blue.  But, I went with Karl, because if anyone deserves a swift kick in the head, it’s this scumbag.  Thankfully, his Crossroads PAC was an utter failure this election.  Rove said in an interview on Fox News  “He [Obama] succeeded by suppressing the vote.” 

Yes, Mr. Rove – Democrats suppressed votes.  When your party spent millions on campaigns advocating “Voter-ID” laws that were blatant attempts to disenfranchise voters from the Democratic Party because your candidate was so absolutely awful, they needed to resort to these disgusting tactics to win.


One thought on “Mule Kicked – Karl Rove

  1. Mr. Rove ought to talk to one of the candidates he was “working?” to elect, VP candidate Ryan said Obama won “fair and “square”

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