Four More Years

Awesome. Just fantastic. Maybe even stupendous.

President Barack Obama will be serving a 2nd term of this great nation.  Mitt, most likely upset, wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills and as a good friend of mine said, “Ann is just relieved she doesn’t have to move into a smaller house now.”

Democrats brought out the broom for Pennsylvania, for state-wide elections, it was a sweep.  Most notably, Kathleen Kane for Attorney General – who I strongly believe will do an amazing job. Hopefully she will shed some light on what exactly happened during the Sandusky investigation that took three years to complete.  Despite the GOP’s best efforts and sly maneuvering with technicalities and going as far as cancelling two days of session to avoid it, it seems our new Attorney General may be the light we need to figure out those dark events.

What didn’t really blow up the headlines but definitely needs to be acknowledged, Representative-Elect Bryan Sims will be the first openly gay legislator in Harrisburg representing a district in downtown Philly. An awesome guy, with huge potential to really make a difference in this state.

We (as in Democrats) did not get the House, which was never expected in the first place but picked up some seats and made some enormous strides in the Senate (and for civil rights.) Very happy to see Senator-Elect Baldwin to beat Gov. Thompson for this seat. Although I sincerely believe she was elected for her attributes, qualifications, and progressive stance, it is a tremendous feat to become the first openly gay candidate elected to the Senate. In addition to Baldwin’s win, Dems picked up a huge victory in MA over FORMER Senator Brown and elected the highly qualified and highly passionate Elizabeth Warren.  Shout out to Mark a former congressional campaign coworker of mine who this cycle was a field organizer for her beautifully coordinated campaign

We did gain some ground on the Republicans in the House of Representatives, with notable wins such as Tammy Duckworth, who lit up the Democratic National Convention a few months ago.  A true American hero, now fighting for her country in a totally different way.  I’m obliged to acknowledge that Rep. Meehan (PA-7th) still holds his seat, hopefully in the midterms he’ll be finished. Hell of a shot to also get rid of Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, hard fought battle by Mike and his PAC.

Kudos to Linda in the battleground state of Ohio for her hard work with OFA and Kat in the trenches of DelCo battling for us all the entire campaign.

Well, that’s a quick recap.  I’m thrilled the American people elected our President to a 2nd term.  It was a hard fought campaign, filled with blatant lies and unfounded attacks against him.  Mitt’s sprint from the right to the middle was obvious and visible to anyone who even caught glimpses of the campaign.  His tax plan was mathematically impossible, his running mate made it his personal mission to dismantle Medicare, and in the end both Massachusetts, where Mitt was Governor, and Wisconsin, where Ryan unfortunately is now still a Representative both voted for Obama.  Romney was a man without conviction, desperate to be elected, and would declare extremist views to win the Primary and say anything to win the General Election, even if it directly contradicted his own statements, but as he said so eloquently “I’m not sure what I said, but I stand by it.”

The election is over, and I’ll gladly keep Mitt out of my posts as long as he keeps out of the public. The one iota of class he exhibited came in his apparently quickly prepared concession speech when he called for the parties to work together and end the political polarization gripping our country.  Well, maybe hell just froze over, because Mitt, I couldn’t agree more.
The biggest issue facing us now is the economic climate of “uncertainty” and the “Fiscal Cliff” that is rapidly approaching.  My next post will probably focus on those issues, the possible solutions, and the politics of the situation.  Unless Donald Trump has another meltdown on Twitter.

Thanks for reading the inaugural, its damn good to be back.


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